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“Sexual Healing for the Woman in You” Book

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Sexual Healing for The Woman In You is a book that will cause you to think about your purpose and true identity as a woman. Your sexuality is always evolving from within, therefore you should not be solely defined by your vagina, but by your internal power, strength, and ability that God gave you. You carry such a hidden treasure that lies not just between your legs, but deep within your heart. Through this book you will be enlightened to the biblical truth & mysteries of God’s purpose for creating you as a woman sexually, mentally, and emotionally.

If you are ready to understand the true essence of who you are despite the emotional pain you have endured from sex, then allow this book to empower you to address unresolved emotional conflicts within your soul as you begin to experience sexual healing and take your power back from the emotional pain caused by sex. Get ready to see yourself from a spiritual lense in order to break through your life barriers that are not often discussed in the church or community. This book will ignite your (dunamis) power as you fully embrace your authentic self; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and sexually.

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