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Pastor Dee & Ariel Fuller are the Co-Owners of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a faith based community that guides over 60,000 women of faith on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life & relationships while igniting their power through prayer & spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God.

As mother & daughter, they share the same birthday, same features, and are a never before seen blend of boldness, strength, and dynamite impacting generations of women nationwide! 

Whether they are hosting their annual conferences, coaching, or curating a cutting edge topic for their television show, Pastor Dee & Ariel always show up teaching the Word of God from a Kingdom perspective so that souls may be  set free and minds will be transformed. 

Together they have established their Dunamis Woman University and Healing for My Soul™ movement which is the #1 leading avenue for women to heal across the globe! 

Today, Pastor Dee serves as a Spiritual Leader, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach, and Self Publishing Author selling over 10,000 books worldwide. 

Meanwhile, Ariel serves as a Speaker, Spiritual Coach & Success Strategist inspiring her generation to walk boldly while embracing their spirituality, singleness, sensuality and success! 

 True servant leaders at heart, Dee & Ariel have availed their lives to heal the hearts of women, restore marriages & families, and bring about a miraculous change within the earth, while leaving a legacy for the next generation. Residing in Atlanta, GA they now work relentlessly to build a 7 figure based enterprise through Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC.

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