Dunamis Woman University (DWU) is a Kingdom educational platform that provides you the opportunity to become a Dunamis Woman by implementing spiritual principles & strategies that will transform your mind, spirit, and soul in order to activate your dunamis power within.

You will be exposed to the truth of who you are & why you were created!

You will gain confidence & wisdom on how to walk in your Kingdom authority as a Dunamis Woman!

You will be educated on how to implement Kingdom principles in your everyday life through God’s Word! 

You will transform & renew your mind so you may be used in accordance to God’s will!

You will be empowered to become radical and relentless in your faith! 

You will dismantle the wiles of the enemy & breakthrough life barriers in order to fight for your legacy!

You will elevate in your prayer life, healing journey, and spiritual walk with Christ


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