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Great Man Where Art Thou? The Silent Cry of a Woman’s Heart

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Great Man Where Art Thou? The Silent Cry of a Woman’s Heart is a book that will ignite the heart of every woman; single, married, divorced or widowed. As an Author, Spiritual Leader, and Speaker, Dee wrote this book from her own life journey and experiences with the first great man in her life; her father. However, because of his absence, she sought, settled, and shared her heart with good men who did not regard it. Through her journey of abusive relationships & emotional turmoil, she never gave up hope that there was a great man on this earth designed to affirm, adore, hold, and love her. Dee hears the cry of women in this generation today and wrote this book to empower women who want live beyond being good and are ready to see themselves for who they really are; A Great Woman! It is a power tool to help them stand in their authenticity as a great woman and identify a good versus a great man.

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