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Conquering Battlegrounds Within Your Own Mind

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Conquering Battlegrounds Within Your Own Mind is a book that will help you discover the various aspects of your mind from a spiritual perspective so that you can demolish the mental attacks & forces that are hindering you from walking freely in the promises of God. With this book you will learn “how to” shield and protect our mind from the schemes and wiles of the enemy as you walk in full obedience to Christ.

As you read this book, you will conquer trials by discovering biblical references regarding the mind and be taught how to apply the Word of God in truth to your own life and circumstances.  You have been given the power (dunamis) to govern and manage your mind & soul. This book is a dynamic tool to equip you on how to operate in God’s power daily without being defeated and losing your stance.


Conquering Battlegrounds Within Your Own Mind

provides you with the following strategies:


► How to map your position spiritually and mentally against Satan’s attacks

► How to see the enemy as your defeated spiritual opponent

► How to fortify your mind in obedience to God’s word

► How to counterattack the devil as he attempts to play within your mind

► How to relate to others, as well as yourself on a higher mental realm

► How to identify who and what Satan uses to attack your mind


No longer is it acceptable for you to live in Christ battling with self-doubt, over-thinking, or condemnation which make you feel less than who you are.  Every believer has been given authority over the enemy. Now it is time to walk in it with fervency and boldness! You shall recover everything that the enemy illegally stole from you as you become a joint heir with Christ.

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