Take the ACTION step!

I am knocking at the door of your heart to awaken and resurrect dreams that have been lying dormant for many years. Now, is the time for resurrection power in your life to come forth! I want you to take the most important step which is called, “Action.” In today’s society to many of us want something without taking action. Whatever your idea, dream or vision is it is going to require you to take an initial step. Many of us want the whole pie fully cooked, and fail to realize that the pie was first a thought based upon a hungry desire. What desires do you have for your life? The more it looks impossible the greater the possibility. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true (Ephesians 3:20). It’s just going to require something from you and out of you. Dreams and vision requires your commitment. So many people abort their dreams with the initial thought, because their primary lame excuse is money. Birthing your dream and vision requires so much more initially than money. You can never pay for your dreams to become a reality. You must act upon what you see step by step. The initial key is getting connected with the right people at the right time for the right results. Once the right results start manifesting then the finances will begin to flow, so the money you obtained can be reinvested in aspects of your vision for a continuous cycle of reproduction on a larger scale. As a Strategic Life Coach, I challenge you to allow your dreams and vision to be ignited and/or resurrected. This is the first step to your action plan. Before you can experience financial freedom you must be free in your soul. Far too many people have money, but they are bound in the depths of their soul by despair, loneliness, lack of fulfillment, etc. Freedom is a commodity of life that money can’t buy. Freedom to be your authentic self at all times is your God given birthright. This kind of lifestyle is only found in living a life of passion while fulfilling your purpose.

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