“Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare” Online Course


The devil isn’t playing with you, so stop playing it safe with the devil!  Learn how to conquer  mental strongholds with our  “Strongholds & Spiritual Warfare Online Course!”


Fight the spiritual & mental attacks within your life that are hindering you from walking fully in God’s purpose everyday!

This course is for you if…

  • You are struggling with the spirit of control, overthinking & having little faith!
  •   You are battling your desires with lust & sexuality!
  •  You find yourself becoming emotionally depleted & depressed!
  •  You have been fighting spiritual attacks in your life, job, relationships, or family & want to demolish them!
  •  You want to get stronger in your spiritual discernment of people.
  •   You need to let toxic people go who are holding you back!

In this course you will learn…

  • A deeper understanding of the 7 spiritual strongholds that are attacking your mind! 
  •  How to implement proven spiritual strategies that will guide you on how to demolish the specific strongholds you are facing!
  •  How to position yourself as a woman to fight spiritually & warfare over your mind for your legacy!


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