Pioneering My Vision

Are you persevering your dreams and visions like never before? This post is dedicated to those men and women who did not give up in spite of the odds and obstacles. When you are in the zone of God people around you have no idea where you are. They see you, but they don’t see you. It is the real you that they don’t recognize, because they are accustom to their imagination of who you are. Changes have taken place inside of you, because pioneering a vision is not an easy thing. I know exactly where you are and I want to affirm you in this lonely journey by looking closely at the word– PIONEER. Pioneer is defined as a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others. Vision looks good in your mind, however when you begin to pioneer in pursuit of the vision, everyday challenges begin to play on your emotions, which can alter your thinking if you don’t have the capacity to endure.  As a pioneer of vision/business, you have entered into a place that has taken you out of the equation. All that you are setting your hands to do is not about you, but others soon to come. Think about it! Every visionary started small. However, as they remained faithful and true to the cause they were able to provide opportunities for others to live their dreams while making provisions for their family. I commend you for your efforts! To get thus far required strategies and to go further will require the same. However, the critical time that you are in is going to cause you to do more with less effort and time, so take the time to revive your soul (mind, emotions, and will).

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