July 15th-July 24th

We challenge you to pursue the one thing that women need the most!

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Join thousands of women from around the world, as they prioritize 10 days to bring healing to their soul. As women we have been hit in the deep parts of our emotions & soul through betrayal & rejection, only to diminish our power. In turn, we have become bitter, broken, bruised, and our soul is just tired! Emotional healing is necessary in this season so that you may execute, ignite, and activate your power! Prioritize yourself to take the time to heal in your emotions & soul.

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Has your soul been damaged by betrayal & rejection? Maybe from a spouse, family members, parents, or friends. You are not alone! Every woman has experienced some level of betrayal & rejection, but in this challenge you will learn how to use this pain for your power as you experience healing within your soul!

It takes a REAL woman to admit they need healing, but a POWERFUL woman to pursue it!

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About the Challenge Leader!

Davetta "Dee" Collins is the Founder and CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC a movement that guides women of faith through spiritual mentorship, prayer, and coaching so they may experience healing  within their soul to transform their life & relationships through the power of God. Dee serves as a Kingdom Teaching Pastor, Spiritual Leader, TV Host, Life & Relationship Coach, and Author. She has a heart to empower women so they may become healed emotionally and apply key “how to” strategies so they may prosper in their life & relationships. She is the ultimate Dunamis Woman who has taught thousands of women through emotional healing on how to turn their pain into their POWER! 

In her own words, “I’m not new here, I grew here! Dee has been teaching Emotional Healing to women for over 16 years. 

As the Author of How to Pray With Power on PurposeGreat Man Where Art Thou? The Silent Cry of a Woman's Heart, Dee hears the heart's cry of women and lives a 365 day lifestyle of constant warfare prayer & emotional healing.  Through this challenge she will not only pray with women, but bring guidance to women on how to break through the barriers of their soul and so that may experience the power of emotional healing!

God doesn't need women in their feelings, He needs us to start HEALING!