Are You Ready to Understand your greatness and the power you possess!

"It is time to bring healing to your soul and transform your life & relationships! In my Understanding Your Greatness Coaching (UYGC) Program I will teach you how to apply spiritual principals & strategies so that you may transform your life, relationships & legacy!"

-Pastor Dee Collins

It is time for you to Heal within the depths of your soul & DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE! GOD IS READY TO REVEAL YOU TO YOU!

Get Your 1 "hour of power"

coaching session with Pastor Dee! 

Thank you for attending the Great Man Where Art Thou? Online Conference! I pray you received from these great men and are ready to continue your journey as a GREAT woman! Although we as women have received, it is my life mission to help you on the "how to" process so that you may experience a prosperous relationship! I want you to learn how to apply life changing strategies & biblical principles to your relationship journey as a single, married, or divorced woman.

How the Program Works?

Step 1:

Secure your 1 hour of power coaching session. This session does not enroll you into program but it gives you guidance on what you need NOW and allows you to see if this program is a good fit for you! 

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Step 2:

In your 1 hour of power you will get...

1 private coaching session to gain  spiritual strategies, self-care and spiritual direction!

Step 3: 

 Get the opportunity to become 

a UYGC Member! As a member you get access to Pastor Dee's 3 month online coaching program, workshops, online courses, and books! 

our UYGC program categories

Group coaching

1-on-1 coaching

couples coaching

Group Coaching is a monthly two-hour group coaching session with Dee and 12 other women that provides you with spiritual teachings to help you overcome the challenges within your mind, soul, life & relationships. In addition, you receive a monthly 1-on-1 coaching call where you get guidance & strategies to implement with specificity for your life. If you love sisterhood and accountability then this is for you!

In private coaching Dee pulls out her best sharpie markers, bible and delivers real talk as she puts 100% focus on you, your struggles, your vision, and your relationships! In her 1-on-1 coaching you get exclusive spiritual strategies & skills to take your spiritual development, healing, and relationships to the next level. This is perfect for busy wives, moms, career women or those with a celebrity status.

In couples coaching Dee works directly with you and your spouse so that you can be able to work together interdependently from a spiritual and practical perspective. She gives you specific strategies to not only create a stronger relationship, but helps you bring a higher level of healing & restoration to your family. 

The  UYGC program is a no judgement zone! 
Whether you are in our group or private coaching we build a strong sisterhood and experience a deeper level of healing, while gaining spiritual strategies to implement with specificity to their life! 




These women invested & Hear what they had to say!


Get started with your 1 "Hour of Power" coaching session with Pastor Dee.

This is just coaching and no commitment to the UYGC program!

WE STEPPED OUT ON FAITH and joined UYGC after our
1 "hour of power" session!

Thank You Pastor Dee for a Phenomenal UYGC group coaching session this morning! It was thought provoking and you challenged me as a woman to be honest and transparent. I am excited about the program and look forward to progressing on my journey with you and my sisters as we become the Dunamis Women we were destined to be. I am forever grateful!

Thank you Thank you!

Since joining the Understanding Your Greatness Coaching my eyes have been open. It’s like the covering have been unveiled. All I have been doing is Religion because that’s all I knew. Pastor Dee I thank God for you and The Dunamis power to restore and bring healing. You have given me hope that I can truly be THE Woman that God intended for me to be! I am here to do the work. I have learned so much about myself and my issues!

Thanks so much Mama Dee, 

I can see a movement in my life happening and it is because of your teachings and guidance. I told you how my husband is reading the Bible with me daily. He has the nerve to text me from work and reminds me what chapter we are on 😂. Yassssssss I love it! Also my daughters 32 and 16, sons 25 and 23 have joined us in our daily reading. They see THE MAN reading and they want in lol. What can the devil do with a whole family that's seeking God but flee!!!

I will try not to watch our sessions too much, but it is so powerful and guess what I’m about to watch it again!

You have come so far & recidivism is what the enemy wants! If you go back to the same situations, thoughts  and feelings when will you truly experience ALL that God has for you?! 

Don't allow yourself to be left...

stuck in the same place and situation

confused on how to bring healing & restoration to your marriage

feeling depleted, depressed, and not valued

feeling a sense of low self esteem and no clarity on your purpose

questioning your faith & feeling farther away from God 

staying in co-dependent situations and everyone pulling on you

 Don't miss the opportunity to be coached by Pastor Dee so that your mind may be renewed,  your heart will be healed, your fight will produce miraculous change, and you can transform your life & relationships!

This 1 "Hour of power" is for you if...

-You are single, married, or divorced and ready to grow as a GREAT woman!

-You need to heal from your past hurt & broken relationships.

-You are looking to create new behavioral patterns that will cause you to experience a prosperous life & relationship.

-You desire to be challenged through the word of God so you can walk in your authority!

-You are tired of doubting yourself & feeling stuck!

-You want to further discover your identity & build your confidence as a woman.

-You are ready to rise out of mental & emotional depletion and depression! 

-You want to be Holy Spirit led on how to use strategies, skills, and timing when it comes to the men around you!

Build Sisterhood!

Be Strengthened!

Be Skillfully & Spiritually led!

About the Coach

Davetta "Dee" Collins is the Founder & CEO of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC. A faith based movement that​

guides women of faith through Kingdom teaching, prayer and coaching so that they may experience the healing power of God to transform their life & relationships!

As a Spiritual Leader, Coach, and Author Dee has a heart to empower women. She teaches spiritual principles through the word of God so women can heal emotionally and prosper successfully in their life & relationships. She is the author of the book Great Man Where Art Though? The Silent Cry of a Woman's Heart a book that will ignite the heart of every woman; single, married, divorced or widowed.  Dee hears the cry of women in this generation today and coaches women on how to break through life barriers for great success!

In her coaching program women experience healing, spiritual development, and a transformation of their heart & mind so that they may continually position themselves and walk boldly in their authenticity.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

is my 1 "hour of Power" enrolling me into program?

How long do I have to decide If i do want to join?

Where will the sessions be held?

What age & relationship status is this for?

Can My Spouse join me

DOES MY $97 get credited to my program fee if i choose to join!

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